Managing Local Data

Use the RethinkDB Admin UI

When working in your local Nanobox environment, your RethinkDB component is given it’s own virtual IP to which you can connect. To view these credentials, use the Nanobox CLI’s info command.

# View local app/component
nanobox info local

# ...

  IP      :

In a browser, go to the IP of your RethinkDB component and connect on port 8080. This will load the Admin UI included in the RethinkDB server. For example:

RethinkDB Admin UI

Use the rethinkdb Utility on the Server

You can console into your locally running RethinkDB container and use the rethinkdb utility to manage your database. Use the nanobox run command in the root of your project to start your local dev environment and RethinkDB. In a separate terminal, console into your data component.

# start your local dev environment
nanobox run

# ---

# in another terminal, console into your rethinkdb component
nanobox console local data.rethinkdb

# use the rethinkdb utility to manage data
rethinkdb ...

Note: This same method works for both local and dry-run environments.

Use a Third-Party Client

RethinkDB has a list of third-party clients you can use to manage your data. You can connect to your local RethinkDB database with a third-party client using the IP shown for your database in the nanobox info local output.