Managing Production Data

Use the RethinkDB Admin UI

Coming Soon - We’re working on functionality that will allow you to access the built-in Admin UI for a production RethinkDB database through a secure tunnel. More information here.

Use the rethinkdb Utility on the Server

You can console into your live RethinkDB container/server and use the rethinkdb utility to manage your database.

# Console into your live rethinkdb container/server
nanobox console data.rethinkdb

# Use the rethinkdb utility to manage the database
rethinkdb ...

View the console documentation for more information.

Use a Third-Party Client Over a Secure Tunnel

RethinkDB has a list of third-party clients you can use to manage your data. For security reasons, the only way to access a database deployed with Nanobox is through a secure tunnel. The tunnel establishes a secure connection between your local machine and your remote database. It binds to a local port and forwards requests to your live database.

Use the ID of the RethinkDB component in your boxfile.yml to establish a tunnel (data.db, data.rethinkdb, etc.).

nanobox tunnel data.rethinkdb

You can then connect to your live database on using your RethinkDB client of choice. View the tunnel documentation for more information.