Managing Production Storage Components

To establish a secure remote connection to your production storage component, use the Nanobox CLI’s tunnel command. This will bind to a local port and establish a secure tunnel to your live component. You should pass a custom port since port 22 is likely already in use and is reserved for admin users.

Open a Tunnel to Your Storage Component

nanobox tunnel -p 1234

Connection credentials for the tunnel are provided in your app dashboard under the “Connect” section of your storage component.

Storage Tunnel Connection Credentials

Note: Because the tunnel is bound to a port on your local machine, is the host to which you connect.

Connect with SSH or SFTP

Use the tunnel-bound port on your local machine and the tunnel credentials provided in your dashboard to connect with SSH or SFTP.

Network directories are housed in the /data/var/db/unfs/ directory of your storage component. Directory paths are relative to /data/var/db/unfs/.

SSH Example

ssh -p 1234 gonano@
# You'll be prompted for the password

# navigate to a network directory
cd /data/var/db/unfs/path/to/dirA

SCP Examples

# copy files from your local code filesystem
# into to your storage component at the same path
scp -P 1234 -r path/to/dirA/* gonano@

# copy files from your storage component
# into to your local code filesystem
scp -P 1234 -r gonano@* path/to/dirA

# Both commands will prompt for the password

SFTP Example

Production Storage Component SFTP Connection